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All the answers you need are in this book!

Largely Happy was published in 2000 and became a best-seller almost immediately.  A self-esteem book for bigger people, it shows how to be happy, healthy and full of self-confidence at any size.

I have a limited number of copies of  Largely Happy  but can send it, and Healthy Kids, Happy Kids,  as a Word document or on CD. Please enquire.
Meanwhile, the new book Healthy Kids, Happy Kids is not just for parents and children in New Zealand. The help contained in HK2, is for anxious parents anywhere, who hear all the doom and gloom about obesity and worry about their precious kids.

My books encourage size-acceptance and good health, show people how to be happier and more confident.
They are the result of 10 years research into what makes and keeps people fat.  They have forewords by leading experts in the field of obesity and child care.  Much of the information they contain is controversial and not at all in line with what the media tells us.
For instance, Uzbekistan has a child obesity rate three time higher than that of the USA.  In fact of 94 countries surveyed by WHO (2002) , the USA is 36th in the league tables, behind countries in South America, Asia and Africa.
Most of these countries have no significant junk food and computers to blame.  So what's making kids in the Third World fat?
You'll find the astonishing answers in  Healthy Kids, Happy Kids, with details of how you can check these research facts for yourself.

Both Largely Happy  and Healthy Kids, Happy Kids, (HK2) can be posted on disk, anywhere in the world.  Contact me for prices.   largelyhappy@hotmail.com   

If you don't get a response from that address (Hotmail frequently loses my mail both to and from) try:    waitakerefolkclub@yahoo.co.nz  It may take a little longer for me to reply as I don't access it every day.

Thank you and stay strong, the diet industry DOESN'T care about your health, only your money.

The happy author of Largely Happy

Contact me by writing to largelyhappy@hotmail.com