What the diet mentality is doing to our children
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What the diet mentality is doing to our children
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I live in New Zealand, Aotearoa, Land of the Long White Cloud.   It's a beautiful country but sadly we are just as brainwashed here as anywhere else where the diet and pharmaceutical companies have, for many years, spread lies and myths about fat people.
Like the tobacco companies, they want to sell a product regardless of how it damages the human body or mind. It is not part of their business plan to care about anything other than making money for their shareholders.
As we have seen recently with the exposure of weasel business practices across the world, companies, especially those whose profits are in the billions per year, will engage in any means in order to keep those profits high.
They target our young people by employing child psychologists to tell them exactly how to best get under the defences of our vulnerable young. 
The damage this does harms not only fat children but thin ones too. Millions are pushed into the hell of eating disorders, millions more fear eating, loathe their bigger cousins, think that ridicule and bullying is no more than plump kids deserve.
This leads to unhappiness, depression and suicide. In several high-profile cases it has led to murder.
And yet when a British MP called the media together to ask for a more realistic portrayal of young women, rather than the emaciated models currently known to make girls feel inferior, almost all of the editors refused.
It was not worth their while, they said, they would lose the lucrative advertising contracts from the cosmetic, diet, pharmaceutical and fashion industries if they tried to show women over a Size 10.    That's what your child's life is worth to them.

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