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Pat Ballard writes wonderful romances featuring big, beautiful characters. Just click on the rose....


Ever seen some gorgeous garment on the Web then discovered the  company won't ship outside the USA?  Well, the wonderful people at Hands of Women not only have a whole range of lovely gifts and clothing styles but will send your custom-made  garment anywhere in the world. Now THAT's good business sense.


Kelly Bliss'Plus-size Yellow Pages - CLICK HERE

Gifts which reflect our wonderfully curvy selves - and our humour....click the fat fairies


CLICK HERE ...for the Council on Size and Weight Discrimination. Doing a great job.

The Council on Size and Weight Discrimination is a marvellous organisation trying to protect and help all who feel that humans are entitled to respect at any size or shape. 

CLICK HERE...to join over 1,000 women who say "Don't Tell Me What Size I Must Be!"

Big Issues, a truly excellent e-zine for curvaceous women

International Size Acceptance Association. Great Site..read the e-zine 'Without Measure" ...CLICK

CLICK...for Sizenet, a wonderful UK-based site with a merveilleux French flavour :-)

It's been fighting for respect and rights a long time. NAAFA, like all size-acceptance organisations needs your support.

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